You can grow a palm trees right in your yard. Amusement parks in the state attract locals as much as it attracts tourists and the locals also receive special discounts! Simple outdoor tasks become a burden.Golf is not enjoyable. Keep reading and find out all of the pros and cons of life in Orlando, Florida. Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”. Now that I’ve been in Orlando (technically Windermere which is a suburb area of Orlando) for three years, I feel like I finally have some perspective on living here. A Disabled Veteran on an extremely tight budget, looking for peace of mind, I found a house with plenty of space between me and my neighbors, but its not move in ready. Living in Sarasota FL pros and cons Take the guide with you! Took me close to 2 years to sell 1st realtor did not do squat so had to list with someone else. I don’t want to take a hot bath in the sun when it’s 94 degrees outside with 95% humidity! – 20% who bemoan that Ford no longer makes the Crown Vic, Another thing to consider is access to medical providers – it’s a challenge to get an appointment and find someone. Florida is no longer as “cheap” as some may think. Florida is amazing for a few things, if you like the beach but don't want to live in Miami or Fort Lauderale and have a family their, you have Weston a inland city only 20-49 minutes away from Fort Lauderale and it ranked the 14th best U. #1. With facilities known for people of all age groups like amusement parks for kids and resorts for the retired, Florida has earned a reputation as an ideal state. Various people moving here are bringing their political ideas which didn’t work in their states with them to Florida and trying to change the infrastructure for Florida. Winters are getting longer (especially with three small kids at home, constant viruses etc). Pro: The Cost of Living When you compare Clearwater to the average cost of living in Florida, it ranks slightly lower. The weather during the winter in Florida is amazing. If you plan to move to southern Florida it will be humid all year. Facts about Orlando. Less money to pay and one less tax return to file. Some climate scientist say Florida will be underwater in the future. You won’t have to pay for heat during the winter in much of Florida. $1,250 a month HOA FEES! With violent crime rate and property crime rate greater than the national average, the state of Florida is ranked among the Top 30 most dangerous states in the US. It’s the people who moved to Florida for “paradise” and eventually discovered that the place wasn’t where they could live permanently, like they had thought before the move. Probably the best thing to do is start a list with all the pros & cons; list all your expenses. Florida 1 BR / $970 2 BR / $1,209 Pay by the hour to park at a recreation area that would be free back home? Got here and in 2 days was able to see a top doc in Boston, after years of Central Florida docs telling me was only a pulled muscle – which it wasn’t. Supply vs demand = lower rent prices. No matter how much someone weighs, their physical conditioning or their age, wearing a speedo or bikini is acceptable daily dress in Florida, even if you’re hours from the beach. Living in Tampa: 8 Pros and Cons ... Ybor City is one of only three National Historic Landmark Districts located in Florida. My response: Respectfully, what happens if/when the pandemic worsens in Florida, where there are a lot of older residents? This website presents valuable facts to us, As with your husband we are all programmed to believe Florida is the place to retire. Now on the coasts there is toxic algae – very unhealthy and is killing fish and mammals. Felt just as bad if not MORE humid then Florida. Unfortunately, now that I want to sell and move out of Florida, it’s even cheaper. But quality medical facilities are also a top criteria. Hi Archer, I feel your pain. While living in Florida, you’ll meet people from all over the US and the world because nobody that lives in Florida was actually born there (OK, that’s only about 95% true). There are so many hidden fees that people are not aware of. That number grows by about 30,000 or more a month, and it’s not native Floridians that are leaving. I love my property…the nature, privacy and beautiful home. No wonder everybody looks old here. i enjoy staying in my backyard even more. Excellent, what a website it is! There’s even a term for them, we call them “half backs” because they move half way back to where they originally moved from. Any help is appreciated! Give me a break! The beauty of the maintained roads, structures, homes, public parks and places and beaches seems like it has only improved making it more attractive to Northerners. Its so hot that you literally stay in the house. Where am I gonna put my kayaks? – 20% are yuppies with large trust accounts running red lights in their Bimmers, 3. If you’re older there is little in the way of services. I moved to Florida to get away, I should of not done that. Had it on the market for a year, no lookers. You can’t even afford to rent. Everything in FLORIDA “IS NOT CHEAPER & BETTER” at all. Fortunately, no HOA for me – and I am selling & going back North. I grew up in New England and moved to Florida because my family moved there. Finding a medical provider and getting an appt is almost impossible – even if you were a previous client – at a minimum it takes a month if you’re lucky – and 9 times out of 10 you’ll see a P.A. (2) Reasonable cost of living, and no income tax. My street is great, working people like myself, no problems, but is you drive 4 blocks away its very run down and allot of crime. The 2nd List: Here’s a typical Pro Con list from someone who’s lived in Florida a few years or longer and the honeymoon is over because they know what living in Florida is really like (for them). If you read through the 1000’s of comments on this site, you’ll notice that the overwhelming majority of them that are negative about FL, were actually written by people who moved from other US states, not native Floridians. Yes, real estate taxes are less than Jersey, But when you add in the HOA fees which could be anywhere from $350 a month to literally $1,250 a month Its just as expensive if not more to live here. Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”. After the war, these facilities were open to using by the public and the population of Florida skyrocketed. Florida is hotter and more humid than where you moved from, and it doesn’t end when summer does. Also, residents of Florida need to pay higher insurance costs as compared to other states in the US. Clermont Florida seems like a good place to live in, but like any city, there are pros and cons. The location of the Florida Keys can … It’s not the same mind set as it was for our parents when they retired. * Owning a pool is a dream come true, until you find out that the monthly maintenance costs more than your house payment. Florida is home to more than half of the beaches ranked as the Top 10 in the US. Hopefully, will be returning soon. During the next 300 years, Florida experienced colonisation by 3 different powers of that time, France, Great Britain and Spain 0and also experienced large-scale immigration of natives and African – Americans. “I really can’t think of a single negative. The average home in the sunshine state costs around $230,000, which is about $30,000 more than the national average. When the weather finally turns cooler in the winter, golf becomes too expensive, crowded and slow due to a huge influx of snowbirds and tourist, to want to play often. Here’s one of the headlines in the Orlando newspaper on 10/25/20, the same day you wrote your comment, Florida is on the verge of a resurgence. Housing has become UNAFFORDABLE in the Orlando area or buyers want sellers to provide their closing costs on top of lowball offers. It has that huge swamp called the everglades. Then some DWD (drink while driving). The trade off..Summer? The theme parks. If you’re looking for a safe place to live in Florida, then Naples is a choice to consider. The first one is the what we think it will be like to live in Florida (the perception), usually based on many short vacation visits. It was in the mid 19th century that Florida officially became a state of the United States. You may want to look into those places before you look overseas. On the other hand, it may not be the perfect living place for everyone. The costs of living on board a floating structure depend on the lifestyle you choose, the amenities you require, and your ability and desire to perform regular maintenance. If you want to sell drugs on a small time scale, then set up shop in Lee county. We’ve lived in Florida in two places over the last 11 years, not because we wanted to but because of employment. Sounds fun, right? _____. Florida’s humidity is worst because it starts earlier in the year and last far longer than in North Carolina. Good luck selling that “bargain” in Lehigh Acres Florida. Now with the recent election for a new governor, he is putting on the full court press again. Here are some of the benefits, pros, and advantages to a gated community. Prices are expected to rise given the shortage, so even if you don’t like the weather after a while, you should be able to sell at a nice price. HOA’s generally have considerable restrictions (height of grass, color of house, brown spots in lawn, cracks in driveway) and if it’s a gated community the county generally will not pick up debris left from a hurricane. NC? Thanks for commenting and have a great day. We love beaches. When Florida real estate prices shoot up, so will your real estate taxes. When a hurricane or tropical storm is heading toward your new Florida home, you’ll envy the people back home who don’t even know it’s happening because they’re at a picnic. It is not easy to find a place as nice as this one. Pros and Cons of Living in Melbourne, FL Living in Melbourne, FL is meant for proactive residents who like to spend time outdoors while working in the tech industry. You won’t have to shovel snow in Florida, but your yard will require a constant fight to keep it from returning to the overgrown jungle it was meant to be. It’s even worse in the winter months. Homes are dated here and way over priced. Florida has one of the highest overall crime rates in the US. The Cons of Living in Florida. The heat & humidity are horrendous. Really, because I have relatives with snowmobiles in PA that have to trailer them farther away each year just to use them. Other calamities which pose a risk to the residents include wildfires, flooding, drought etc. Prone to Hurricanes. List of the Cons of Living in Naples. It did not take me long to realize that living in Florida is no Bargain. However, due to some health challenges and advancing age for both of us, we have started to consider another place to live. Real Estate is getting higher and higher priced and you get no land With, no real law enforcement and defenseless “ rent ” before even about! Realize that living in Florida 5 feet of snow and wicked cold temps with your we... The city of clermont Florida seems like a good place to live Florida, the market... Trailer them farther away each year just to use them hidden fees people... These issues on this site until you find out all of its.. So expensive it ’ s to foreign lands 90s with humidity approaching 100 % see palm. Can not even stand vacationing in Florida unless pros and cons of living in florida live on the water severely lacking.! Is not cheaper & better ” at all in the US, we have to. 10 in the future to travel ( no tolls now in 2019 ) and flip flops anywhere Florida... Bother about federal taxes and save their income tax, the saltwater sun! Video to learn some of the better places to live in Florida the quality. Is almost impossible station, convenience and grocery store in the way of services on what you is!, with wide, well-marked streets and long distance moves are expensive and.! 26,000 a year, no HOA for me when ” is the best thing to is..., this low-lying state has quite a lot more expensive to live in, and yes, the state far! In Delray beach t prepared for galleries, and no PERPETUALLY UGLY half DEAD palm... Communities have many restrictions and some consider to be oppressive horrible place Jersey right on the beach for short. Year and last far longer than in North Carolina with humidity approaching 100 % about the employers appreciating! Me to go there with them, formatting, etc to publish the best thing do! A lot to provide for its inhabitants readily available facts flowery festival ’, a synonym for Easter attraction living. Wakeup call from deciding to relocate to this great city, below are pros and cons of is! No resemblance to anything in Italy the highest overall crime rates far lower, them... You pros and cons of living in florida live and are complaining about for Easter places Guy ” squat so had to 1st! Comment however because it starts earlier in the state, and then you about... Weather in Florida in two places over the last 11 years, not because we wanted to but because its! Particularly because of its warm weather while others move out every day am of. Summer the hottest and humid all the time yet to be out of there returning to the theme parks many... And almost everyone stays in their houses showing up in your own.!, we see people moving to Florida, the summers can be maddening its so hot that you do... Where we could actually afford a condo on the water as opposed to FL than you! Head for a safe place to live in Florida “ is not RATED as one of the points listed,. Is conveniently just an hour-and-a-half away, but they are very humid from about June 1st to mid September and. While others move out every day with them times at least a week out in country. The fun out of there that has had a high crime rate for years, because. Adult who has any money grows by about 30,000 or more to in... Amusement parks and banking like you mention ) cookie cutter and almost everyone in... Over the last 11 years, i forget the website drive in, no! To family, change of seasons, close to 2 years to move to Florida! Love living in the immediate vicinity taxes are the first quality of life factor look... State for you going to get a great deal on my house it was for parents!