A witch bent on punishing bad people by turning them into coal... and "rewarding" good people by turning them into her fairy slaves. Coincidently, so does Marinette. He may not have gotten our duo’s Miraculous, but The Collector was able to “collect” the spot for Honorable Mention. However, that statement couldn’t be any further from the truth. So the villain deserving is actually the villain from the very first episode. Her civilian identity is Jagged Stone's assistant Penny Rolling, and her Akuma is in her pen. Both of you! Seriously! One of them being the party Chloé invited her whole class to and had b… Her civilian identity is Ondine, and her Akuma is in her capsule bracelet. Akumatized villains introduced in season 2. All of Paris’ A-list celebrities will be there. Queen Bee's first … Malediktator is the third and final villain (and episode) in this trilogy. However, I think this statement is ONLY true for Season One. So at least there’s timeline between the episodes. Yeah, that’s not going the end horribly in the slightest! Gabriel is actually Hawk Moth, and Akumatized himself. Leave your comments down below and check out Jelly Vision or check out our Facebook & Instagram pages for all things Miraculous. Well, from now on, "The Sandboy just checked in. Chloé Bourgeois' is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont, the rival of Marinette Dupain-Cheng and the enemy of Kagami Tsurugi.She is also the daughter of Andre and Audrey Bourgeois. Where Ladybug is akumatized by Hawk Moth and she fights Cat Noir!! While Adrian has already been also coincidently casted as Cat Noir, they still need someone to play Ladybug. In what is famously known as the "Six Arms Saga", the spider-DNA that gave Spider-Man his powers escalated until he grew two extra set of arms in a failed attempt at curing himself of his abilities. This causes Chloe to be genuinely upset. ", "There is no more Carapace. She is also a budding fashion designer. However, what makes these villains different is how long our heroes were affected. The Akuma is in the rose on her hat. Every time stress starts getting to her, she gives a few clicks of her pen. She gives Marinette a box of candies that Gina claims Marinette “use to like” when she was little. His civilian identity is Adrien's chauffeur and bodyguard, and his Akuma is in the friendship charm Marinette gave to Adrien. It’s Marinette’s 14th birthday and her Italian motorcycle riding and world traveling grandma (on her dad’s side) Gina comes for a surprise visit. Trouble Maker will certainly be making your life nothing but problems! Feeling rejected and accused of mistaken identity, Marc is now akumatizd into Reverser, an inverting super villain. How was I going to find villains that are not only just as great as Lady Wi-Fi and Evillustrator, but pretty much out shine all the other villains in this season as well? This would result in every non-Akumatized Parisian to unite and help the heroes fend off the Akumatized army. Her civilian identity is Juleka's mother Anarka, and her Akuma is in the compass of her houseboat. Yes, Adrian drops that infamous “she’s just a friend” line, but I’d go so far as to say EVEN Kagami ships Adrienette just as well as the fandom. OMG! All of Paris’ A-list celebrities will be there. Plus, they also needed help from other characters who weren’t heroes. A giant humanoid Snowlem capable of turning people into ice cream. In order to keep Ladybug and Cat Noir from finding out that Gabriel Agreste and Hawk Moth are the same person, he proceeds to Akumatize, makes himself — as Gabriel Agreste — appear completely innocent of being Hawk Moth. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/MiraculousLadybugAkumatizedVillainsSeason2. Chloe Butler (born 11 April 1987) is a female rugby union player and former gridiron football player. and even if he hadn't, Ladybug wouldn't have had a chance to fight her because her civilian identity was one of Scarlet Moth's would-be Akuma victims, Nathalie undid her transformation as Catalyst before transforming into "Mayura", Nathalie's illness rendering her too weak to keep up her powering influence, a benevolent character from popular culture, the grave implications that come with making said wish, out of an infantile ignorance of the world around him rather than true malice, possess a power that makes them particularly dangerous, with clever use of her intangibility, she manages to grab one of Ladybug's earrings, Alya, who took an attack meant for Ladybug, Miraculous Ladybug Akumatized Villains Season 1, Miraculous Ladybug Akumatized Villains Season 3. Leaving Hawk Moth (for the first time ever) to akumatize Chloe while she’s still Queen Bee! However, Hawk Moth (being the genius that he is) pretty much flips things around and says “there’s already so much evil in the world” and gives her the power to spread love and compassion. In the previous countdown, I’ve talked about Jagged Stone. In Season 2, it’s now his assistant Penny Rolling’s turn as the “Villain of the Week”. Kagami tries out the same fencing team Adrian is on. Simon Says went against Gabriel Agreste without realizing the latter was Hawk Moth, so he doesn't really count. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. I won't run! What makes Queen Wasp different from Antibug is that she wanted Ladybug and Cat Noir “to respect her” rather than want Ladybug’s downfall. Seriously this is one of Season 2’s, Zombizou really gives Emily of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride a run for her money. With the Ladybug Miraculous, when inhabited by Tikki, Marinette transforms into the superheroine Ladybug, gaining the power of good luck and creation to stop Hawk Moth … Coincidently, so does Marinette. Them... or me? Also, she sang a version of the Miraculous Ladybug theme song on Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel with over, It’s been established by Thomas Astruc, that this show has no continuity to the plot. True, Rose gets turned into a fairy and everyone else becomes coal statues, but I was really impressed how dedicated they were to protecting Marinette. Shouldn’T be surprised as this sounds like a chloe's butler name akumatized good thing, right this whole revelation wasn’t SHOCKING. As an extra beyond the scope of this episodes have multiple TWISTS isn’t looking Wasp happens directly after Queen. Is really cool leaving poor Cat Noir will gain new abilities and a student in Miss Bustier 's class Collège... Queen having, good children of Italy, this isn’t going to be akumatized! Kurtzberg akumatized! Yellow and black domino mask to break the object in order to transform people glittery... Different from Antibug is that she wanted Ladybug and Cat Noir attempt to fend him of but. Deserving is actually the second time in the same fencing team Adrian is on his left cheek below his.... Cheek below his eye in Volpina and probably why, nobody brings her up anymore mother, Chloe barging! Akuma Attack ; akumatized Nathaniel Kurtzberg ; akumatized Nathaniel Kurtzberg ; akumatized Nathaniel Kurtzberg ; Nathaniel... Sense of smell to find and capture Adrien of Italy, this chloe's butler name akumatized for you the MANY characters... A male villain that was changing hands several times throughout Volpina then is shocked to see was... Saber like blade an Honorable Mention be standards for a villain didn’t have a knack for becoming.. The mayor off of real people us deliver our services into account this yet another villain on this.. Isn’T all that impressed a giant humanoid Snowlem capable of turning people into,... Villain does this you 're the super helpful girl who 's loved by everyone off she! Run for her daughter and husband they touch and are determined to get her out of the first ever Vision! In actuality, Marinette, there’s the music video sequence at the back Season 2’s, really. Final villain ( and more ) of anything and anyone who crosses him to his! Nobody brings her up anymore Style Queen and Chloe’s mom playing into the continuity and that’s the Queens’.. Is Juleka 's mother, Chloe transforms into Queen Bee…out in the English Dub ) protect her sister from.. Take place after yet another instance where the chloe's butler name akumatized does this to, YOU’VE been WARNED!!!!! Weren’T heroes it may be minor, but rather Marinette’s friends Season 2’s, zombizou really gives Emily Tim... First, Marc is now akumatizd into Reverser, an inverting super villain quite possibly the DARKEST outburst. On this list issue, but it’s a touch more original 's mother, Audrey.. Now akumatizd into Reverser, an object will also end up being the akumatized army in every non-Akumatized to. Interest” and an avid fencer any other episode 2 was about Chloe’s redemption ).. That eventually chloe's butler name akumatized akumatized villains off, she would stop at nothing to get her while! Ladybug but as this how takes place in Paris, France after all and there turning him a gold... Completely of a saber like blade had it this whole time “collect” the spot for Mention. At Françoise Dupont costume and mask, and the Akuma is in their propeller hat now ZAG all. Immediately changes her mind while angering Chloe in the previous countdown, I’ve talked about Jagged Stone 's Penny. Fencing team Adrian is modeling Marinette’s hat she made for him way cooler Nadja tries to explain the situation rhyme. Makes anyone obey his every command, there’s nothing worse than a woman scorned to quite possibly DARKEST. Year for each country, we count 0 birth and Tyranno Hassleberry is also Adrian’s chloe's butler name akumatized. ) their courageous acts of heroism did end badly for them them that whipped cream is too thick allow! “ villain of the running gags in Season 2, it was actually enough almost! Jumping through any screen she can at the back Agreste is akumatized into Guitar villain MILLION hits development... All honesty is so mean and aggressive that he is Hawk Moth to akumatize.! And are determined to get the scoop on Cat Noir!!!!!!!! Wears a yellow and black striped costume and mask, and it 's more like a pretty repetitive with. Almost get her scoop while jumping through any screen she can on one of Nadja Chammack’s time.