The more biomass you grow, the more nitrogen you fix. five-year joint venture between the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA) and pasture There are three known races of Phytophthora root rot. (The subterranean clover varieties are listed from late to early maturity). My account; Checkout; Cart; ... Home / Specialty Varieties Specialty Varieties. Bindoon has a distinctive leaf mark consisting of a pale green crescent positioned in … ‘Antas’, ‘Woogenellup’ and ‘Leura’ had the highest … Mid-Late season maturity - 134 days to flowering (Perth) Antas is one of the highest dry matter producing Sub clovers available. Clover Clovers come in many forms from annual to perennial types. Find out more information on subterranean clovers. The discovery could ensure more persistence for sub-clover… Varieties with resistance to less than all three races are designated as partially resistant in the table. Please note: This content may be out of date and is currently under review. Maturity: Use earlier maturing varieties in drier more marginal areas, and later maturing varieties where spring rainfall is reliable (see Appendix VI). Six new subterranean clover varieties have been developed from a national five-year joint venture between the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and pasture seed company, Seed Force. Phytophthora root rot: Root rot tolerance is important in poorly drained soils in high rainfall areas and under irrigation. Further new releases will follow over the next four years and all new varieties have been tested extensively in trials across locations in Australia where they are best suited. The new varieties all have traits sought after by farmers – they are more productive, have greater pest and disease resistance, and will lead to longer-lasting pastures. Six new subterranean clover varieties have been developed from a national . Sub-clover can be over-sown in autumn. The varieties assessed differed in some or all of the characteristics outlined above. For more information of these varieties, please visit the seedforce website. Herbicides have different effects on different cultivars. Vigorous seedlings provide good winter feed 3. This will include varieties with suitability to a range of soil types and annual average rainfall from The new varieties cover all three sub-species of clover and will cater to different soil types and annual rainfall ranging from 325-1000mm. Hey Sub-clover, this is your year! Sow in early to late autumn. For many farmers there has been no significant sub-clover pastures since the very wet winter and spring of 2016. Suited to moderately acid to neutral soils. Aim high: 500 plants/m2 is aspirational, but 200-300 plants/m2 is adequate. BMR Grazing Maize $5.50 per kg $ 137.50 EX GST; NEW. The gains from these new varieties include improved seed yield, resistance to major pests and diseases of sub-clover and ultimately higher forage yields and longer persistence. Graze lightly in first season > Grazing management during the first spring flowering of newly established sub clover … Page last updated: Wednesday, 8 July 2020 - 11:41am, Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act, Western Australia's agriculture and food sector, Casual, short-term employment and work experience, suited to wheatbelt areas with 300-450 mm mean annual rainfall, seedling resistance to redlegged earth mites, more hardseeded and more persistent in crop rotations than other varieties, 11% more biomass than cv. Medic In many areas of Australia we have seen a rapid uptake in the use of medic as a key pasture base. 01 Jul 2020. The aims of the experiment were: 1) to evaluate existing genetic material of both Varieties within a clover species can vary considerably with regard to yield, disease resistance, winter hardiness, and other factors. They produce very high quality forage which can be sown with other […] All listed varieties have low levels and are unlikely to cause clover disease in sheep. Bringing new and innovative sub-clover legume traits. A five-year joint venture between the Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA) and Seed Force via a $700K investment, has delivered eight new sub-clover varieties to Australian livestock producers. Gosse over all test sites and seasons, suited to 450-700 mm mean annual rainfall areas, 27% more biomass than cv. Other diseases: e.g. Appendix VI. Controlling weeds in newly-established sub clover can be a challenge, with just one herbicide (Headstart) recommended for use on sub clover in New Zealand. Rounding up pests (above): Collecting Sub clover with very large leaves. to the national and international agricultural market. Dalkeith over all test sites and seasons, suited to wheatbelt areas with 350-525 mm mean annual rainfall, 12% more biomass than cv. 1. “The new variety, Narrikup, was bred by the Department of Agriculture and Food and is a breakthrough variety for industry,” he said. 2. Resists grazing as seeds are buried. Tarlee and Antillo are brachycalycinum subspecies and are not recommended for WA soils. Oestrogen levels: Do not grow older varieties as some varieties (e.g. New sub-clovers stand up to mites An estimated 22 million hectares of Australian farmland is sown to sub-clover. A second field experiment, sown in March 2014 at Lincoln University, compared 10 sub clover cultivars sown with cocksfoot. The new varieties cover all three sub-species, catering for differing soil types and annual average rainfall ranges from 325-1000mm. Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's Agriculture and Food division is committed to growing and protecting WA's agriculture and food sector. Bindoon is a major break-through in subterranean clover plant breeding as it has been developed with a new trait in sub-clover varieties; improved Red Legged Earth Mite (RLEM) cotyledon resistance. Hey sub-clover. White Clover. Very persistent in medium to high rainfall areas and other areas with infrequent cropping Show Products Hide Products. Sub-clover breeding program delivers more new generation varieties. Widely adapted including acid to alkaline soils. New replacement sub clover for mid season maturity varieties in Western Australia. Other species such as lotus, serradella & bisurella are also important in some parts of temperate Australia. Varieties which belong to the yanninicum subspecies that have cream or light brown seed, such as Trikkala, Gosse, Riverina, Larisa, Napier and Meteora(which are low in dangerous oestrogens) and Yarloop (highly oestrogenic), are bette… Using rules of thumb (25 kg/ha N). SF Tarlee is a mid-late season sub-clover providing a new and improved replacement for Clare and Antas. The Mid–Late maturity of Antas ensures high production through the season. Show Products Hide Products. Black Mustard $7.00 per kg $ 175.00 EX GST; OUT OF STOCK. Its resistance to root rot and clover scorch gives it a superior advantage over Trikkala, and it is equally suited to dryland or irrigated areas over a wide range of soils. Riverina over all test sites and seasons. Low levels suit higher rainfall areas with late maturing varieties (see This includes perennial plants such as white, red & strawberry clover, & annual or short-lived species such as sub clovers, aerial-seeded annual clovers, vetches & lucerne. Its longer growing season makes it well-adapted to medium and high rainfall situations. Subterranean clover varieties. Grows mainly in autumn, winter and spring. Coolamon has been bred as a replacement for Junee sub clover by the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia and is slightly later flowering than Junee, being 125 days at Darkan, compared to Junee 124. Tammin is derived from a complex cross involving the variety Dalkeith, three naturalised strains collected in WA and a wild plant collected in Sicily with RLEM seedling resistance. Riverina is a yellow seeded sub clover variety producing moderate hard seed levels and large seed sizes to ensure vigour and establishment. Select varieties on the basis of: Type of sub clover: Subterranean sub clovers are adapted to neutral to moderately acid soils; Brachycalycinum sub clovers are best suited to neutral to alkaline soils; Yanninicum types of sub clover are especially suited to poorly drained waterlogged soils. The new varieties also have improvements in seed yield, resistance to major pests and diseases, and - most importantly - higher forage yields and longer persistence. Hilltop ... New Zealand red clover bred to persist and perform in both pasture mixtures and pure stands. They are very high in feed quality and act as a backbone product in most pasture blends. Gosse Sub-Clover $7.90 per kg $ 197.50 EX GST Monti belongs to the sub clover sub species ‘yanninicum’ and is therefore well adapted to areas receiving intermittent winter waterlogging. Forage - Sub clover is no longer the small and low-growing plant that was sown years ago, now there are varieties that have huge leaves, are palatable and grow faster than other clovers. Dalkeith Sub-Clover Government and Treated $7.50 per kg; OUT OF STOCK. Speaking at the annual Dowerin Field Days, Mr Redman also announced a key joint partnership to boost investment in breeding sub-clover legume varieties. In March, they strip grazed the block with 200 recently-weaned R2 and R3 cows and, on March 23, used a fiddle (a hand-held seeder) to sow a mix of sub clover varieties at around 10kg/ha. Vigorous establishment, strong growth during autumn and winter, and high production through spring and early summer. TWO new subterranean clover varieties developed with help from Dairy Australia could see farmers beating a major pasture pest. Subterranean Sub Clover (Trifolium subterraneum). Best suited legume for large areas of southern New South Wales. It has improved seed yield and has shown superior performance over those older varieties after the establishment year. Sub clover prefers well-drained soils but will tolerate temporary waterlogging. Antas has extremely strong growth through Autumn & Winter. Supporting your success. ... NEW. The new Luisetti sub clover varieties are resistant to the clover root weevil and have proved so popular that our entire stock sold out in our first year of sales. The mix was designed to allow different varieties to perform within different micro-climates on the hill. 375 mm Southern NSW to 600 mm Northern NSW. Monti: Monti is an exciting new sub clover cultivar that has recently been released by the APA*. Timely reminder to check for oestrogenic sub clover 3 months, 3 weeks ago Learn to identify clover varieties and safeguard sheep fertility 29 Aug 2020, 8 p.m. Type of sub clover: Subterranean sub clovers are adapted to neutral to moderately acid soils; Brachycalycinum sub clovers are best suited to neutral to alkaline soils; Yanninicum types of sub clover are especially suited to poorly drained waterlogged soils. Bindoon Bindoon was bred to replace traditional sub clover varieties and is recognised for its cool season productivity. Hard seed levels: High hard seed levels are desirable where persistence is needed in drier parts of the sub clover zone. It was the most productive and persistent of 18 early flowering breeding lines and six commercial varieties in trials in WA at Tammin and Katanning (two trials) and two sites in eastern Australia.